About Me

My pen name is Alex Raine. I have been a lover of romance novels since I was a teenager.  At times I’ve been able to read a book a day. You know when it is just so good you can’t put it down or even fall asleep?! 
 I live in beautiful South Florida with my wonderful husband and our 2 yr old son. I am a full time working professional and I blog for fun.  My all-time favorite author is Penelope Neri! (My favorites of hers are all out of printL)
I love all of the sub genres of historical romance with the exception of anything paranormal. Yes, I am a wuss.
One day, maybe if I’m lucky, I may get published and be able to share my stories on a grand scale. That seems hihgly unlikely because at this rate I will never finish! But for now enjoy the process, visit often but most of all tell me what you think.
Authors I like:
Karthryn Caskie
Johanna Lindsey
Virginia Hensley
Penelope Neri
Mary Balogh
This is just a few but a good start of what makes up a lot of the books in my library.

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