Monday, October 15, 2012

More of my story

So I've been a very nautghy girl! I haven't been writing. I have been busy and under the weather, bad combination. Anyways, Here is an excerpt of the little I did write last week.

I think I need to revise my goals. Writing everyday is a bit ambitious with all that i have going on. I'll shoot for once a week until I have more time!

Beside I don't have any visitors in cyberspace actually giving me any feedback. Don't be shy! Comment!

It was so stuffy at the ball Faith had to sneak outside just for a few moments. No one would really notice her leave anyway. She was dressed as a mermaid. Her costume was very innocent compared to others she had seen. No wonder masquerades weren’t considered appropriate for debutantes. This costume however was not a smart choice. It hurt to breathe. She had to remember to give Jen a few words for lacing her up so tight.

She leaned her head against the column just outside the patio door and tried to catch a calming breath. The cool fresh air settling on her skin sending little shivers down her spine, a welcome respite from the heat of the crush inside. What a big disappointment this night turned out to be. She couldn’t figure out who anybody was, well other than Lizzie and James of course, naturally they came together. And then there was the host and hostess, Lord and Lady Folcroft, dressed as Adam and Eve complete with a red apple. What a sight that was! She was just so disappointed. Lucius had not made an appearance and John her best gentleman friend was not there either. She tried to stay seated near Aunt Davinia but was expertly foisted into a dance with Lord Stanthorpe’s second son. What a waste all her preparation had been. She had decided that this was the most beautiful she had ever looked. I took hours to create the cascade of ebony curls that fell down her back and to apply all the little bits of shimmer to her face around her mask to conceal her true identity. Her costume was a dress that Madame Fountaine had made especially for her. It was a frothy sea green creation that hugged the full length of her body, appeared to expose a generous expanse of her bossom and flared at her feet to mimic flippers. All night she had to repel the advances of lasivicious old men.


“Surely a beautiful lady like yourself shouldn‘t be out here all alone,” rasped a deep voice. Faith gasped and spun around to find herself in a dark corner with an unidentified stranger. She tried to still her beating heart. She really shouldn’t be out here alone but the cool quiet lure of the dark patio had called her. She looked over her shoulder at the door no one seemed to notice them. For the moment she appeared safe from scandal at least. 

She tried to look into his eyes, what color were they? He seemed so familiar but she couldn’t be sure. He waited for her response looking at her expectantly. She had a feeling that he wasn’t dangerous and relaxed a bit.

“I’m sorry but do I know you?” she asked.

He had a knowing smile that was very wicked. “Of course I am your knight in shining armor. I’ve come to rescue you from boredom and offer you this dance.” With that he bowed in front of her and waited for her to take his hand.

Who was he? Had he been watching her all night?

“I’m sorry but I don’t dance very well.” She lied.

“Nonsense, your exquisite curves were meant to be held against mine. Come let me show you.” His eyes were so intense. Faith grabbed his extended arm and walked into him without even a thought. It was as if she was caught in a spell. He was a remarkable dancer. He lead and she followed. “My lovely Siren,” he breathed into her ear, “I want nothing more than to taste your lips.”

She went weak. What was happening to her body? It was not under her control. This was no dance it was more like an embrace. She kept her head down on his shoulder. He smelled so masculine. Like horses and cigars.

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