Wednesday, October 17, 2012

The Writing Hour.: How to Write a Historical Romance Novel.


Here is a hilarious post about how to write a Historical Romance Novel by Aubree. She is very witty and fun. I wish she would write more.

1. Your heroine must be stuningly beautiful and have unusual colored eyes.

2. Your hero must the handsomest most extraordinary man that ever lived.

3. Plot doesn't not matter if you follow 1 and 2.

4. There must be a huge misunderstanding that could have easily been resolved with a simple conversation.

I think that pretty sums up most of the books I've ever read!

Read her original post here: The Writing Hour.: How to Write a Historical Romance Novel.: The first time I read a historical romance novel, I really liked it. Then I read another. And another. And I realized, I liked them a lot mo...

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Organizing my Story

It just hit me, that in my mind my story all makes sense but the snippets here and there in my posts may seem very random. And to be honest, it is! I am a random person. LOL.

So in the spirit of organization I intend to create a page that will be a work in progress. It will contain the plot, a story line, character information and anything else relevant to the story.

This way others can make sense of the jumble that is in my brain. And at the same time it may actually help me to get more done. By having clear expectations.

I feel smart now. Thats enough work for today. Lol.

Monday, October 15, 2012

More of my story

So I've been a very nautghy girl! I haven't been writing. I have been busy and under the weather, bad combination. Anyways, Here is an excerpt of the little I did write last week.

I think I need to revise my goals. Writing everyday is a bit ambitious with all that i have going on. I'll shoot for once a week until I have more time!

Beside I don't have any visitors in cyberspace actually giving me any feedback. Don't be shy! Comment!

It was so stuffy at the ball Faith had to sneak outside just for a few moments. No one would really notice her leave anyway. She was dressed as a mermaid. Her costume was very innocent compared to others she had seen. No wonder masquerades weren’t considered appropriate for debutantes. This costume however was not a smart choice. It hurt to breathe. She had to remember to give Jen a few words for lacing her up so tight.

She leaned her head against the column just outside the patio door and tried to catch a calming breath. The cool fresh air settling on her skin sending little shivers down her spine, a welcome respite from the heat of the crush inside. What a big disappointment this night turned out to be. She couldn’t figure out who anybody was, well other than Lizzie and James of course, naturally they came together. And then there was the host and hostess, Lord and Lady Folcroft, dressed as Adam and Eve complete with a red apple. What a sight that was! She was just so disappointed. Lucius had not made an appearance and John her best gentleman friend was not there either. She tried to stay seated near Aunt Davinia but was expertly foisted into a dance with Lord Stanthorpe’s second son. What a waste all her preparation had been. She had decided that this was the most beautiful she had ever looked. I took hours to create the cascade of ebony curls that fell down her back and to apply all the little bits of shimmer to her face around her mask to conceal her true identity. Her costume was a dress that Madame Fountaine had made especially for her. It was a frothy sea green creation that hugged the full length of her body, appeared to expose a generous expanse of her bossom and flared at her feet to mimic flippers. All night she had to repel the advances of lasivicious old men.


“Surely a beautiful lady like yourself shouldn‘t be out here all alone,” rasped a deep voice. Faith gasped and spun around to find herself in a dark corner with an unidentified stranger. She tried to still her beating heart. She really shouldn’t be out here alone but the cool quiet lure of the dark patio had called her. She looked over her shoulder at the door no one seemed to notice them. For the moment she appeared safe from scandal at least. 

She tried to look into his eyes, what color were they? He seemed so familiar but she couldn’t be sure. He waited for her response looking at her expectantly. She had a feeling that he wasn’t dangerous and relaxed a bit.

“I’m sorry but do I know you?” she asked.

He had a knowing smile that was very wicked. “Of course I am your knight in shining armor. I’ve come to rescue you from boredom and offer you this dance.” With that he bowed in front of her and waited for her to take his hand.

Who was he? Had he been watching her all night?

“I’m sorry but I don’t dance very well.” She lied.

“Nonsense, your exquisite curves were meant to be held against mine. Come let me show you.” His eyes were so intense. Faith grabbed his extended arm and walked into him without even a thought. It was as if she was caught in a spell. He was a remarkable dancer. He lead and she followed. “My lovely Siren,” he breathed into her ear, “I want nothing more than to taste your lips.”

She went weak. What was happening to her body? It was not under her control. This was no dance it was more like an embrace. She kept her head down on his shoulder. He smelled so masculine. Like horses and cigars.

Saturday, October 13, 2012

Clipper Ships

Interesting fact I found on my trip across the internet.

In the 1840’s shipbuilders started to build a new kind of vessel. It was distinguished by having three masts that had large expanses of sails. It was designed to carry small, highly profitable cargo over long distances at high speeds, but soon became lucrative with human cargo as well.

Sailing 150 miles a day was considered a good day's run only a few years earlier, Clippers traveled approximately 250 miles a day. The best clippers could travel more than 400 miles a day! How much more would you pay to travel so quickly?
I thought that the name of the ship originated the term “clip”, to run or fly swiftly, but it turns out the ships were probably named after the verb. (which in my non expert opinion was probably not a verb at that time. I think it was a colloquial term but then again who am I?)

This meant that people were able to travel between places in half the time. So, that’s why sometimes when you read a story one person sets sail to some far away destination and months later another person follows behind them on a different ship and they get there the same time or maybe even earlier. Now I know.

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Georgian Women Plesantly Plump?

Isn’t it funny that every book cover depicts a slender or curvy bombshell. I mean I know it’s all about marketing and even in the book itself sometimes they refer to the heroine as being plain or average looking but having something that made them somehow irresistible anyway? But what about an overweight heroine?
Woman from the Georgian Period

Years ago I thought to write about a plump lead character. If you want to know how plump? I’d say Lane Bryant catalog plump, shapely still just bigger. Lol. But who would want to read about a fat heroine? Would you?

Georgian England refers to 1714 to 1830 when the George's ruled the land. But this was typical for a lot longer than that. (Regency, Elizabethan, Victorian, etc)
I feel that there were many pleasantly plump women around that time. Lets look at lifestyle. In society in that time no one exercised really, well at least not very many ladies. They were all about being dainty and not lifting a finger. They partied late into the night, ate late at night and slept in most mornings.
The food... I researched the typical diet. It is full of sweets, meats, and pastries! They would have to eat like a bird, literally to maintain a trim figure with that lifestyle!
Typical Meals of the Day:
Breakfast: toast, rolls, cheese, tea, coffee, chocolate, ale (I’ve read books that included eggs and other meats)

Lunch: ale or tea, bread, meat or cheese, pies and pastries

Dinner:  3 or 4 course meal made of any combination of fish, soup, vegetables, pastry, game, apples cakes, oranges, walnuts, creams, beef, bacon and other things

Then there was tea with friends in the afternoon where they also ate cookies and small sandwiches.

Ok, so their food was more organic and they didn't have the luxury of Burger King. What do you think?

Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Period Movies

So in my search for all things Historical Romance, I happen to find this gem. Period movies on youtube! How brilliant. Now the characters and all the things we love to read actually come to life!


Make sure and check it out, I know I will as soon as I get home. ;-)

One of the titles is Dangerous Beauty (1998). Ooohhh...doesn't that sound exciting!

You can visit the original post about it by Historical Romance Addicts here:

Monday, October 8, 2012

Get Published!

I don't see what is so hard about it? I mean I get published almost everyday here on Alex Raine Writes!

All I do is write some clever and compelling script. My personal editor then checks the spelling and grammar. Although it does not do a good job of that; I still see errors. Anyways, so I write and then I have a magic button on my screen that reads "Publish" and I just press it. Voila! I am an author.

You should try it. Its not hard at all. ;-)


Ok, seriously speaking. If you are a writer then blogging should be a natural progression for you in terms of getting your work seen by others and finding an audience. In this age of instant Youtube sensations, you could be the next viral hit. So I encourage you all to write and share.

Wattpad is a unique platform for this exact purpose. You can share your 'works' and get feedback, critiques, encouragement from people across the globe. You could even be lucky like fellow Wattpadder Abigail Gibbs who recently landed a 6 figure deal with publisher Harper Collins!

The world is your oyster!

Saturday, October 6, 2012

10 ways to increase traffic to your writing blog?

So I’ve read many a good article with what seems like lots of good information. But you know what? It is harder than it looks.

        What I’ve done so far..
      1.       I am trying to blog almost every day.
      2.       I have joined a blog network.
      3.       I’ve opened a Facebook account and have set it up that they will update
               each other simultaneously.
      4.       I’ve opened a Wattpad account.
      5.       I post excerpts of my writing for critique on my blog anyway.

What else could I be doing?
      6.       Backlink really good articles. (I’m working on getting it right)
      7.       Commenting on others’ writing and leaving url in my signature
      8.       Actually completing enough writing to put “my work” on Wattpad
      9.       Write about other topics as well as my niche topic (like this post)
     10.    Improve my skills/knowledge/writing

 So, this is my game plan. It is a lot of work. It requires me to be creative in how I schedule my time. With a husband and a  demanding 2yr old I am almost maxed out!

What are your plans?

Friday, October 5, 2012

Reversing the Plot

Well, I haven't recieved any feedback. Surprise, surprise. I am partial to having an island nation included in my story line because that is what I dream about.

Maybe instead of a season in London I should reverse my story and send her to the island after failing to find a husband after a few seasons. The rest of the plot will remain the same. However it stands to reason that there will be fewer social opportunities on an island for obvious reasons.

Too many choices!! Arrgh!


As she had expected, the skies seemed a bit gray, the air was cool and somehow felt damp. And what was that foul odor? She couldn’t quite put her finger on it. Unwashed bodies maybe? Or rotting debris strewn in the streets near the vessel? How did people live here?

She was not accustomed to this at all. There was so much activity. On the island where she grew up the port never had more than a few boats at a time and not many more people. But this, this was almost chaos. Dock hands loaded goods on and off scores of ships docked along the wharf. 

Many coaches came and went each almost seeming to slow down and stare at her before speeding on by. She unconsciously touched her hair and smoothed her dress. Could they look at her and tell her secret? She tried her best to hide it. She had put on her best dress and had taken great pains to care for herself better than she ever had.

 She was a woman of ten and eight but this was her first time ever leaving home. Oh how she missed Papa and her home in the colony. The bright sun and the warm fragrant tropical breeze always comforted her. This was a culture shock.

Her papa was adamant that she have a season as befitting a woman of her station. But she didn’t really care about all that, she would have happily stayed at home attending to her aging father.

Instead he wrote to his sister and packed her off to England to find a husband. A husband was the last thing she really needed. She was an heiress thanks to her father’s good business instincts and spendthrift ways. She didn’t need anything; she had her writing to keep her otherwise occupied. She made up her mind to respect her father’s wishes and attend the season but at the end she would return home alone, hopefully it wouldn’t prove to be too tedious an endeavor.

“Faith, is it truly you?” She looked up a bit startled at being caught unawares. This woman could be no other than her Aunt Davinia. She looked so much like Papa that she almost burst into tears on the spot. She was shorter than Faith, as big a barrel of wine with kind brown eyes just like her fathers.  Instead she gulped in a big breath of air to fortify her and responded as serenely as she could “Why yes, you must be aunt Dora what a pleasure to finally ... oof!” She found herself locked into an embrace that almost knocked the wind out of her.

“ Oh Faith look at you! You are even more beautiful than your father described. I’m so happy to  finally meet you after all these years!” She turned around and there were a few other faces staring back at with a mixture of curiosity and surprise. “These are your cousins Lord James and  Lady Elizabeth. Both of you girls will have your coming out this season. It will be so much fun!”
I hope you enjoyed it. Don't forget to leave feedback.

Wednesday, October 3, 2012

What time is it?

So I have been so consumed by developing characters and a great plot and improving my use of dialogue that I forgot all about the time. What period is my story set in? I have always thought it to be a general historical romance set in London somewhere in the 1800’s but I really have no clue of what life was like and what existed at that time. Even though I have read countless books. I did not retain any of this information to be able to use it.

Recently I read a question by someone on Yahoo Answers asking about original or unique story ideas. There is a consensus that the regency period has been beaten like a dead horse. There are those that want to read about a different era in time, at different places. Like what about the middle east or other European countries or America? What about a later period like the early 1900’s? or earlier 1500's? I would like to give this some thought so that my story stands out and is memorable for its readers.
I guess for me it will come down to research. Because I am sorry to say that I don't have the time to do much so i will have to choose what is well presented and readily available.

What time and place do you think would prove an interesting read?

Tuesday, October 2, 2012

The Opening

My opening so far is pretty boring. I think.

 She arrives in London and is waiting on the deck for her family to pick her up. They are late and she is worried but no worries they show up and give her a warm welcome. She is struggling with her inner turmoil. Her secret is something that weighs heavily on her at all times.  Its her first trip anywhere and she is curious of everything. Her sheltered quiet upbringing in near isolation has not affected her spirit. She doesn't intend to do anything inappropriate but she does seem to have a way of causing a stir.

I think her love interest needs to be introduced in the first chapter. He needs to meet her on the street somehow and save her from maybe stepping in a puddle or making a faux pas or something simple like that. I had thought to maybe name him John. He is just your typical nice guy and as always he will be overlooked.


"Faith stood at the railing vigilently searching the crowd for a familiar face. How much longer was she going to have to wait on this floating prison? Thank goodness that long dreadful voyage was over. It took 7 Months to cross the seas to get to London. Even though she didn’t look forward to her visit, she would gladly trade wardens to be on dry land and sleep in a real bed again!"

Comments appreciated as always.

Monday, October 1, 2012

My story...

So I am writing a story. Its my first historical romance and i want it to be great. No matter how long it takes! I have been thinking about what to write for some time but it really all came together last night as I was drifting off to sleep. I knew Faith and her dark love interest. I created an aunt and two cousins so far. I hope to keep it simple but also interesting. I definitely have a lot of work to do.

The plot (I think)

Faith is a young woman of about 18 who grew up in the colonies(I'm thinking an island) with her father. He sends her to England to have a real season and find a husband. She is not interested in marriage. She doesn't need money and is content to write, read and care for her aging father. She meets Lucius a devastatingly handsome rogue and falls madly in love even though she is warned that he is a reprobate of the first order. She also befriends John a wonderful and caring gentleman that proves be her dearest friend. Lucius eventually shows his true colors and Faith is horrified by how evil he really is. John comes to her rescue, saves her from a terrible fate and wins her heart in the end.

So I know its pretty typical so far, but there is a twist! But I don't want to share it just yet. You'll just have to keep following to found out.

Leave your feedback.