Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Georgian Women Plesantly Plump?

Isn’t it funny that every book cover depicts a slender or curvy bombshell. I mean I know it’s all about marketing and even in the book itself sometimes they refer to the heroine as being plain or average looking but having something that made them somehow irresistible anyway? But what about an overweight heroine?
Woman from the Georgian Period

Years ago I thought to write about a plump lead character. If you want to know how plump? I’d say Lane Bryant catalog plump, shapely still just bigger. Lol. But who would want to read about a fat heroine? Would you?

Georgian England refers to 1714 to 1830 when the George's ruled the land. But this was typical for a lot longer than that. (Regency, Elizabethan, Victorian, etc)
I feel that there were many pleasantly plump women around that time. Lets look at lifestyle. In society in that time no one exercised really, well at least not very many ladies. They were all about being dainty and not lifting a finger. They partied late into the night, ate late at night and slept in most mornings.
The food... I researched the typical diet. It is full of sweets, meats, and pastries! They would have to eat like a bird, literally to maintain a trim figure with that lifestyle!
Typical Meals of the Day:
Breakfast: toast, rolls, cheese, tea, coffee, chocolate, ale (I’ve read books that included eggs and other meats)

Lunch: ale or tea, bread, meat or cheese, pies and pastries

Dinner:  3 or 4 course meal made of any combination of fish, soup, vegetables, pastry, game, apples cakes, oranges, walnuts, creams, beef, bacon and other things

Then there was tea with friends in the afternoon where they also ate cookies and small sandwiches.

Ok, so their food was more organic and they didn't have the luxury of Burger King. What do you think?

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