Friday, October 5, 2012

Reversing the Plot

Well, I haven't recieved any feedback. Surprise, surprise. I am partial to having an island nation included in my story line because that is what I dream about.

Maybe instead of a season in London I should reverse my story and send her to the island after failing to find a husband after a few seasons. The rest of the plot will remain the same. However it stands to reason that there will be fewer social opportunities on an island for obvious reasons.

Too many choices!! Arrgh!


As she had expected, the skies seemed a bit gray, the air was cool and somehow felt damp. And what was that foul odor? She couldn’t quite put her finger on it. Unwashed bodies maybe? Or rotting debris strewn in the streets near the vessel? How did people live here?

She was not accustomed to this at all. There was so much activity. On the island where she grew up the port never had more than a few boats at a time and not many more people. But this, this was almost chaos. Dock hands loaded goods on and off scores of ships docked along the wharf. 

Many coaches came and went each almost seeming to slow down and stare at her before speeding on by. She unconsciously touched her hair and smoothed her dress. Could they look at her and tell her secret? She tried her best to hide it. She had put on her best dress and had taken great pains to care for herself better than she ever had.

 She was a woman of ten and eight but this was her first time ever leaving home. Oh how she missed Papa and her home in the colony. The bright sun and the warm fragrant tropical breeze always comforted her. This was a culture shock.

Her papa was adamant that she have a season as befitting a woman of her station. But she didn’t really care about all that, she would have happily stayed at home attending to her aging father.

Instead he wrote to his sister and packed her off to England to find a husband. A husband was the last thing she really needed. She was an heiress thanks to her father’s good business instincts and spendthrift ways. She didn’t need anything; she had her writing to keep her otherwise occupied. She made up her mind to respect her father’s wishes and attend the season but at the end she would return home alone, hopefully it wouldn’t prove to be too tedious an endeavor.

“Faith, is it truly you?” She looked up a bit startled at being caught unawares. This woman could be no other than her Aunt Davinia. She looked so much like Papa that she almost burst into tears on the spot. She was shorter than Faith, as big a barrel of wine with kind brown eyes just like her fathers.  Instead she gulped in a big breath of air to fortify her and responded as serenely as she could “Why yes, you must be aunt Dora what a pleasure to finally ... oof!” She found herself locked into an embrace that almost knocked the wind out of her.

“ Oh Faith look at you! You are even more beautiful than your father described. I’m so happy to  finally meet you after all these years!” She turned around and there were a few other faces staring back at with a mixture of curiosity and surprise. “These are your cousins Lord James and  Lady Elizabeth. Both of you girls will have your coming out this season. It will be so much fun!”
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