Saturday, October 6, 2012

10 ways to increase traffic to your writing blog?

So I’ve read many a good article with what seems like lots of good information. But you know what? It is harder than it looks.

        What I’ve done so far..
      1.       I am trying to blog almost every day.
      2.       I have joined a blog network.
      3.       I’ve opened a Facebook account and have set it up that they will update
               each other simultaneously.
      4.       I’ve opened a Wattpad account.
      5.       I post excerpts of my writing for critique on my blog anyway.

What else could I be doing?
      6.       Backlink really good articles. (I’m working on getting it right)
      7.       Commenting on others’ writing and leaving url in my signature
      8.       Actually completing enough writing to put “my work” on Wattpad
      9.       Write about other topics as well as my niche topic (like this post)
     10.    Improve my skills/knowledge/writing

 So, this is my game plan. It is a lot of work. It requires me to be creative in how I schedule my time. With a husband and a  demanding 2yr old I am almost maxed out!

What are your plans?

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